Say hello. Have we met yet? I’ll be in to say hello whenever I can.

5 comments on “Welcome to the new”

  1. Hi Diane!

    Your website looks great. Love all the detail and stories. Can’t wait to come back and see more.

    • My web designers, Courtney & Ben, did a pretty amazing job working alongside me to get My Canadian Axent up. They developed this website with my vision & input as their priority. Still more to add–audio interviews, stories, pictures, product to sell and places to market–we’ll do it over the next months. As web designers I’d recommend them to anyone–they are a success already. I’m more than happy with their work! Tell them what you think.

  2. Writing a funeral today. The washer chugs, tunes on the radio somewhere in the house but the sun shines, someone’s mover is cranking and another neighbour is pounding his walls out in a mad furry to fill the dumpster on his front lawn. And my company from NB is cleaning, fixin’ things and feeding me…played a few tunes for a friend who dropped in yesterday… and does dishes… nice. It’s been a big month of one thing after another in full throttle and that put off my site downloads… but they’re coming soon so keep in touch and tell me what’s going on in your day. I’d really like to know. Maybe you’re in full throttle, too.

  3. Hello I love this site it is so calming to look at. I like how everything is listed and written so well. Diane you have always been a gentle sole, so loving and caring you were meant for this line of work. I have known you for many years and you always have inspired me. Please keep up the wonderful work that you do and never change for anyone, be you and be very proud. Until we see each other again take care hugs Rhonda

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